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Mechanism of four-nucleon transfers in heavy-ion reactions

J.P. Coffin , P. Engelstein , A. Gallmann , H. Oeschler , P. Wagner , et al.
Conference On Clustering Aspects of Nuclear Structure and Nuclear Reactions 3, Jun 1978, Winnipeg, Canada. pp.724-725
Conference papers in2p3-00018247v1

Magnetic moment of the first excited state in $^{21}$Na

F.A. Beck , T. Byrski , G. Costa , J.P. Vivien
International Conference on Hyperfine Interactions 4, Jan 1978, Madison, United States. pp.188-189
Conference papers in2p3-00018266v1

Two-pronged events in $^{4}$He-p collisions at 8.56 GeV/c $^{4}$He incident momentum

V.V. Glagolev , R.M. Lebedev , I.S. Saitov , V.N. Streltsov , L.I. Zuravleva , et al.
Physical Review C, 1978, 18, pp.1382-1387
Journal articles in2p3-00018287v1

Test of the Zweig rule in $\pi^-$p interactions at 19 GeV/c

P.L. Woodworth , D. Treille , A.S. Thompson , R. Strub , P. Sonderegger , et al.
Physics Letters B, 1976, 65, pp.89-91
Journal articles in2p3-00018321v1

Instabilities in some nematic products of positive dielectric anisotropy

B Kerllenevich , A. Coche
Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, 1975, 24, pp.113-128
Journal articles in2p3-00018359v1

Dependence of Moessbauer resonance intensities on vibrational lattice anisotropy in case of an axial electric field gradient

G.K. Shenoy , J.M. Friedt
Nuclear Instruments and Methods, 1976, 136, pp.569-574
Journal articles in2p3-00018374v1

Structural, electronic and magnetic properties of splat-quenched FeC$_x$ alloys (x$<$ or =0.05)

M.C. Cadeville , J.M. Friedt , C. Lerner
Journal of Physics F: Metal Physics, 1977, 7, pp.123-137
Journal articles in2p3-00018375v1

Superparamagnetic behaviour in Fe$_x$Cr$_{1-x}$ alloys

B. Loegel , J.M. Friedt , R. Poinsot
Journal of Physics F: Metal Physics, 1975, 5, pp.154-157
Journal articles in2p3-00018380v1

Energy loss and straggling of heavy ions by nuclear interactions in silicon

A. Grob , J.J. Grob , P. Siffert
Nuclear Instruments and Methods, 1976, 132, pp.273-279
Journal articles in2p3-00018416v1

Defects in pure and halogen compensated cadmium telluride grown by the THM method

R. Stuck , A. Cornet , C. Scharager , P. Siffert
Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, 1976, 37, pp.989-997
Journal articles in2p3-00018444v1

Scaling properties of high-mass symmetric hadron- and pion-pair production in proton-beryllium collisions

H. Jostlein , R.J. Englemann , R.J. Fisk , M.L. Good , A.S. Ito , et al.
Physical Review Letters, 1979, 42, pp.146-149
Journal articles in2p3-00018491v1

Random and channeled energy loss in thin germanium and silicon crystals for positive and negative 2-15 GeV/c pions kaons and protons

H. Esbensen , O. Fich , J.A. Golovchenko , S. Madsen , H. Nielsen , et al.
Physical Review B: Condensed Matter (1978-1997), 1978, 18, pp.1039-1054
Journal articles in2p3-00018013v1

Creation and evolution of excited states in anthracene crystals bombarded by electrons

G. Klein
Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, 1978, 47, pp.39
Journal articles in2p3-00018020v1

Laser-beam annealing of heavily damaged implanted layers on silicon

J.C. Muller , A. Grob , J.J. Grob , R. Stuck , P. Siffert
Applied Physics Letters, 1978, 33, pp.287-289
Journal articles in2p3-00018025v1

Capacitance of cadmium telluride Schottky diodes

B. Rabin , H. Tabatabai , P. Siffert
physica status solidi (a), 1978, 49, pp.577-584
Journal articles in2p3-00018028v1

Heavy-ion fusion-evaporation reactions: high spin states in $^{43}$Ca and $^{43}$Sc

A.R. Poletti , E.K. Warburton , J.W. Olness , J.J. Kolata , P. Gorodetzky
Physical Review C, 1977, 13, pp.1180
Journal articles in2p3-00018041v1

Pre-equilibrium alpha emission accompanying deep-inelastic $^{16}$O+$^{58}$Ni collisions

H. Ho , R. Albrecht , W. Duennweber , G. Graw , S.G. Steadman , et al.
Zeitschrift für Physik A, 1977, 283, pp.235-245
Journal articles in2p3-00018042v1

A TV camera system for digitizing single shot oscillograms at a sweep rate of 0.1 ns/cm

M. Kienlen , G. Knispel , J.A. Miehe , B. Sipp
Nuclear Instruments and Methods, 1976, 137, pp.257-259
Journal articles in2p3-00018073v1

Large transient fields at nitrogen and oxygen nuclei recoiling in magnetized iron

M. Forterre , J. Gerber , J.P. Vivien , M.B. Goldberg , K.H. Speidel , et al.
International Meeting On Hyperfine Interactions, Sep 1975, Leuven, Belgium. pp.210-211
Conference papers in2p3-00018075v1

Isospin analysis of $\bar{N}N \rightarrow \bar{N}N \pi$ reactions at 5.7GeV/c

H. Braun , J.P. Gerber , G. Maurer , A. Michalon , B. Schiby , et al.
Nuclear Physics B, 1975, 95, pp.503-515
Journal articles in2p3-00018081v1

An experimental study of the production of neutral pions in $\bar pp$ annihilations at 1.6 GeV/c

E. Fett , A. Haatuft , J.M. Olsen , W. Hart , W.L. Knight , et al.
Physics Letters B, 1975, 59, pp.182-186
Journal articles in2p3-00018109v1

Drift velocities in argon-ethane and xenon-ethane gas mixtures

Y. Chatelus , P. Ramanantzizehena , J. Gresser , G. Schultz
Nuclear Instruments and Methods, 1980, 178, pp.127
Journal articles in2p3-00017893v1

Charged baryon and antibaryon production in the fragmentation region by 240 GeV protons

M. Bourquin , R.M. Brown , Y. Chatelus , J.C. Chollet , A. Degre , et al.
Zeitschrift für Physik C Particles and Fields, 1980, 5, pp.275-282
Journal articles in2p3-00017894v1

Magnetic and structural phase transitions of $\alpha$-MnSe and Mn$_{1-X}$ Mg$_Z$ Se

H. van Der Heide , J.P. Sanchez , C.F. van Bruggen
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 1980, 15-18, pp.1157
Journal articles in2p3-00017902v1

Alpha-particle strengths from the $^{16}$O($^6$Li, d)$^{20}$Ne reaction

N. Anantaraman , H.E. Gove , R.A. Lindgren , J. Toke , J.P. Trentelman , et al.
Nuclear Physics A, 1979, 313, pp.445-466
Journal articles in2p3-00017919v1

High spin states in $^{53}$Mn

G. Guillaume , P. Fintz , A. Gallmann , F. Jundt , I. Riedinger-Ordonez , et al.
Nuclear Physics A, 1979, 322, pp.189-204
Journal articles in2p3-00017928v1

High spin Yrast states in N = 126 isotones

D. Horn , O. Hausser , B. Haas , T.K. Alexander , T. Faestermann , et al.
Nuclear Physics A, 1979, 317, pp.520
Journal articles in2p3-00017929v1

Total $\alpha$ and $\beta$ counting of thick samples

A. Pape , J.C. Sens , R. Armbruster
Health Physics, 1979, 36, pp.191-194
Journal articles in2p3-00017938v1

Observation of doubly radiative neutron capture by $^3$He

M. Suffert , R. Berthollet
Nuclear Physics A, 1979, 318, pp.54-62
Journal articles in2p3-00017943v1

An upper limit to the cross section for the reaction $\overline{\nu}_{\mu}e^- \rightarrow \overline{\nu}_{\mu}e^-$ at SPS energies

D. Bertrand , G. Bertrand-Coremans , M. Dewit , J. Sacton , P. Vilain , et al.
Physics Letters B, 1979, 84, pp.354-356
Journal articles in2p3-00017949v1