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Test of absorption-model predictions in double resonance production by 5 GeV mesons on protons

K. Bockman , M. Rost , K. Sternberger , G. Winter , Z.I. Bhuiyan , et al.
Nuclear Physics B, 1968, 7, pp.681-689
Journal articles in2p3-00018330v1

Semiconductor nuclear radiation detector

A. Coche
Onde Electrique, 1969, 49, pp.791-795
Journal articles in2p3-00018363v1

The stopping power of Ge for protons of between 0.35 and 5.50 MeV

S. Gorodetzky , A. Pape , E.L. Cooperman , A. Chevallier , J.C. Sens , et al.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods, 1969, 70, pp.11-12
Journal articles in2p3-00018507v1

Production cross section of isotopes emitted in 70-MeV $\alpha$-particle interactions on C and N targets

C. Baixeras-Aiguabella , M. Jung , C. Jacquot , L. Girardin , R. Schmitt
Physical Review C, 1970, 2, pp.1194-1199
Journal articles in2p3-00019648v1

Gamma-ray transitions in $^{40}$K and $^{28}$Al nuclei

R.M. Freeman , A. Gallmann
Nuclear Physics A, 1970, 156, pp.305-313
Journal articles in2p3-00018683v1

Study of $\gamma$ transitions in the $^{19}$O nucleus

P. Fintz , F. Hibou , B. Rastegar , A. Gallmann
Nuclear Physics A, 1970, 150, pp.49-55
Journal articles in2p3-00018685v1

Beta decays of C$^{15}$, F$^{17}$ and F$^{20}$

A. Gallmann , E. Aslanides , F. Jundt
Physical Review, 1969, 179, pp.921-925
Journal articles in2p3-00018740v1

De la parite du niveau excite a 3786 keV dans le $^{30}$Si

S. Gorodetzky , A. Knipper , J.C. Merdinger , N. Schulz
Comptes rendus hebdomadaires des séances de l’Académie des sciences. Série B, Sciences physiques, 1968, 266, pp.512-513
Journal articles in2p3-00008181v1

Electron microscope observations of heavy ion tracks in thin nitrocellulose foils

J. Tripier , M. Debeauvais , R. Stein , J. Ralarosy , G. Remy
Radiation Effects, 1970, 3, pp.221-226
Journal articles in2p3-00018285v1

Motional effects in the Moessbauer spectra of iron (II) hexammines

L. Asch , J.P. Adloff , J.M. Friedt , J. Danon
Chemical Physics Letters, 1970, 5, pp.105-108
Journal articles in2p3-00018403v1

Collection efficiency and charge carrier losses in coaxial and planar Ge(Li) detectors: influence on the time resolution

D.N. Poenaru , R. Stuck , P. Siffert
IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, 1970, 17, pp.176-186
Journal articles in2p3-00018462v1

Cadmium telluride surface barrier detectors

A. Cornet , P. Siffert , A. Coche
Applied Physics Letters, 1970, X, pp.432-436
Journal articles in2p3-00018481v1

Average lifetime of the 3.79 MeV level of $^{30}$Si and of the 0.709 level of $^{30}$P

F. Haas , B. Heusch , G. Frick , A. Gallmann , D.E. Alburger
Nuclear Physics A, 1970, 156, pp.385-394
Journal articles in2p3-00018682v1

Measurement of the lifetimes of $^{12}$B, $^{14}$N and $^{16}$O

A. Gallmann , F. Haas , N. Balaux , B. Heusch , M. Toulemonde
Canadian Journal of Physics, 1970, 48, pp.1595-1606
Journal articles in2p3-00018684v1

The B(E2) ratio of transitions to the first excited states in $^{185}$Re and $^{187}$Re

Y. Dar , J. Gerber , A. Macher , J.P. Vivien
Nuclear Physics A, 1969, 137, pp.273-277
Journal articles in2p3-00018750v1

Decay characteristics of short-lived radio-nuclides studied by on-line isotope separator techniques

P.G. Hansen , P. Hornshoj , H.L. Neilsen , K. Wilsky , H. Kugler , et al.
Physics Letters B, 1969, 28, pp.415-419
Journal articles in2p3-00007964v1

Spectra visualization system using a small wired program computer connected to the memory of an ordinator

A. Muser , C. Boetsch , J.D. Michaud , J. Zen , L. Wendling , et al.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods, 1970, 86, pp.285-290
Journal articles in2p3-00019558v1

Investigations of the first excited state $^4$He via the reaction $^7$Li(p,$\alpha$)

Lin Wen-Kuan , F. Scheibling , R.W. Kavanagh
Physical Review C, 1970, 1, pp.816-854
Journal articles in2p3-00019559v1

Study of some electromagnetic transitions in $^{16}$O

F. Brochard , P. Chevallier , D. Disdier , V. Rauch , F. Scheibling
International Conference on properties of nuclear states, Aug 1969, Montreal, Canada. pp.1
Conference papers in2p3-00019563v1

$^3$H(p,$\gamma$)He reaction from 3 to 18 MeV

W.E. Meyerhof , M. Suffert , W. Feldman
Nuclear Physics A, 1970, 148, pp.211-224
Journal articles in2p3-00018896v1

On the possible N$^{\star}$ production of mass about 1.47 GeV/c$^2$ in the K$^-p \rightarrow K^-p\pi^0$ channel at 1.45 GeV/c

A. Fridman , G. Maurer , A. Michalon , B. Schiby , R. Strub , et al.
Physics Letters A, 1966, 23, pp.386
Journal articles in2p3-00018919v1

Diffusion elastique K$^-$p a 1,45 GeV/c et comparaison avec des modeles d'absorption

A. Michalon
High Energy Physics - Experiment [hep-ex]. Université Louis Pasteur - Strasbourg I, 1967. English. ⟨NNT : ⟩
Theses in2p3-00018920v1

Angular distribution and plane polarization of 955 keV $\gamma$ rays from B

S. Gorodetzky , F.A. Beck , R. Bertini , Jacques Chevallier , A. Knipper
Nuclear Physics A, 1968, 118, pp.545-555
Journal articles in2p3-00008507v1

Periode du niveau excite a 570 keV du ${207}$Pb

S. Gorodetzky , N. Schulz , A. Knipper
Comptes rendus hebdomadaires des séances de l’Académie des sciences. Série B, Sciences physiques, 1966, 262, pp.1158-1161
Journal articles in2p3-00008173v1

Durees de vie dans $^{17}$O, $^{39}$K et $^{45}$Ca par une technique de coincidences particule-gamma

S. Gorodetzky , J.C. Merdinger , N. Schulz , A. Knipper
Nuclear Physics A, 1969, 129, pp.129-137
Journal articles in2p3-00008186v1

Cross sections of Li, Be and B emitted in 125 MeV p and 90-MeV $\alpha$- particle interactions with C and N. Application to nucleosynthesis

M. Jung , C. Jacquot , C. Baixeras-Aiguabella , R. Schmitt , H. Braun
Physical Review C, 1970, 1, pp.435-444
Journal articles in2p3-00019650v1

General features of antiproton-proton annihilation into six charged pions at 6.94 GeV/c incident momentum

G. Alexander , I. Bar-Nir , S. Dagan , A. Fridman , G. Gidal , et al.
Nuclear Physics B, 1970, 23, pp.557-573
Journal articles in2p3-00018351v1

Some aspects of precipitation and magnetic properties of anico alloys

P. Pashkov , A. Fridman , E. Granovsky , V. Sergeyev , R. Larichkina
Journal of Applied Physics, 1969, 40, pp.1308
Journal articles in2p3-00018353v1

Timing performance of Ge(Li) detectors

J.A. Miehe , P. Siffert
IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, 1970, 17, pp.8-17
Journal articles in2p3-00018480v1

Improvements in the purification of cadmium telluride by zone refining

A. Cornet , P. Siffert , A. Coche
Journal of Crystal Growth, 1970, 7, pp.329-332
Journal articles in2p3-00018482v1